Fiber Nation | All About Verizon FiOS

Fiber Nation is dedicated to all things Verizon FiOS. Though the fiber optic service is not yet available in all areas, several metro areas including: New York City, Tampa, Washington D.C., Philadelphia,  Pittsburgh, and many others across the country already have access to the blazing fast Internet speeds, high quality TV services, and VoIP telephone technology Verizon offers its customers. The network is constantly expanding, so if service is not currently available in your area check back periodically to see if it has come to neighborhood near you.

Why Consider Verizon FiOS?

Verizon FiOS is the first major deployment of Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) technology in the United States. It works by allowing light to transmit information through the fiber optic cables installed in your home or office. If you need incredibly fast Internet service, superior HD Digital television, or crystal clear VoIP phone services, you can build the right service bundle that works for you. Those interested in bundling services can choose from a variety of TV packages, with a wide variety of HD channels available, and can also opt to include telephone services with up to 20 calling features and long distance options. Pricing will vary depending on location and current promotional offers. Promotional offers may require signing a service contract for one to two years.

How it Works

Fiber optic cables are installed at one of Verizon’s central hubs, and then ran to a location in your neighborhood. Each cable coming from the central hub can be split to accomodate up to 32 customers. The information is then sent over the network and directly into the customer’s home or office. You can use the service across multiple computers, smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles using a router at no additional charge.

If you are a tech savvy individual who craves faster Internet service, better quality TV and telephone service, see if you can get Verizon FiOS service in your area.