Verizon FiOS Massachusetts

When Verizon promises Massachusetts the latest and greatest in broadband connections and digital media, they certainly deliver!  Everyone from residents of Acton and Abington all the way out to the denizens of Woburn and Wrentham are feeling the fiber optic love.  The fiber optic-fueled FiOS network brings industrial grade networking right to the doorsteps everyday people from Middlesex to Essex and back on down to Plymouth and Bristol.  Why is fiber so important to even the Average Joe in Worcester or Sockermom123 from Berkshire?  The answer is twofold: speed and reliability.

Major networks, including DSL and Cable networks, rely on fiber to move massive amounts of data all throughout Massachusetts and the rest of the country.  Fiber optics brings incredible speed that other carriers don’t allow multiple residents of Walpole or Wakefield to use individually; they are forced to share once that data is split into metal wires.  The same is true from Stow to Studbury!  Other providers don’t want to give direct high-level fiber optic performance to consumers for a good reason: their networks are not built from the ground up to withstand the data needs of giving consumers direct access to all of the speed!

Another reason that fiber optics are so great for major networks is that fiber is ultra-reliable.  The fact that signals are sent with light instead of electricity means that less electricity is used and signals come in crystal clear since there are no neighboring electrical signals causing noise, and nothing disrupts light short of a black hole.  Since there are no black holes in Massachusetts, light-based signals have a major advantage over signals carried by metal wires.  This advantage shows itself to the residents of Wellesley and West Lynn amongst others in the form of data that is crystal clear and does not require the network to re-send to correct errors inherent when electrical signals are carried even a modest distance over metal wires as they are by the competition in Westwood and Tewksbury.

Verizon does not just send digital signals for the purpose of broadband throughout Massachusetts.  Instead, they leverage their wunderkind FiOS network to provide Southborough, South Grafton, Sherborn, Walpole, and more with incredible digital cable and the latest in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) digital telephone service.  Each of these services being delivered as they are over a speedy and reliable network has so much more to offer than the competition.  Hundreds of channels in HD, a massive on demand video library, and crystal clear calls to anywhere in the globe are just the beginning, and people from Lexington and Lincoln already know; Fusion of these services is what makes them even more special.

Imagine sitting on your friend’s couch in Malden watching the big game and a phone call comes in.  Could it be work wondering if your friend can come in because Sick Sally from Sutton struck again and they need somebody to cover?  Or could it be his sick father from Freetown wondering if he could come over and watch too…he’ll bring the brews?  Is it even worth getting up?  Well, FIOS lets you know by showing the caller ID information on the HD TV and letting you decide via the remote; should that salesperson from Auburndale get the answering machine or does the boss from Buxford take priority and thus the game needs to be DVR’d right from the same menu?