Verizon FiOS NYC

New York City and its surrounding areas are literally brimming with demanding consumers that want nothing but the best.  From Albany to Yorktown Heights, the residents of New York know what they want and will not settle for anything less than the best.  When it comes to the best in digital entertainment and broadband from Dix Hills to Long Island, FiOS is second to none.  There is a pair of great reasons that Verizon’s fiber optic service is known even down in places such as Beren NJ and Middlesex NJ: FiOS is wickedly fast and incredibly feature-rich.

Fiber optics is the key to the magic of Verizon’s FiOS service, and it is every bit as breathtaking as everyone from Passiac NJ to Ocean NJ and on up to Port Washington knows it to be.  Packing triple-digit Mbps download speeds that are not far behind modern home networking speeds, Verizon’s fiber optic FiOS network provides to everyone from Queens and Suffolk to Worcester and Monmouth NJ and beyond.  These stunning broadband speeds make instant-on streaming of even the most high-definition possible while gaming, emails, downloads, and more continue without any slowing down.

The amazing performance is going to get even better as the network is continually doubling in speed from Manhattan to Marcellus and back on down to Massapequa.  With speeds tending to double every two years or less, it is only a matter of a few more years before home and office networks need to speed up to catch up with the blazing fast speeds that fiber optics provide.

How does it all work?  It is all due to the innate efficiency of light over electricity.  Simply put, electric signals degrades over distance and require special wiring to carry massive signal volume efficiently.  Fiber optics use the power and efficiency of light, which just so happens to come in many different spectrums and wavelengths that are easily measured and degrade over distances measured in planetary distances from the sun instead of meters!

Making good use of this, Verizon delivers everything from class-leading broadband performance to digital cable, digital telephone (Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short) and more.  These services all use the same data stream, but with ample bandwidth from Mamaroneck to Islip, Verizon has come up with a clever plan: fuse these services together.

Fusion in this sense makes great sense.  For example, perhaps Harry from Hawthorne is watching the latest in HD movies on demand from Frank from Floral Park when Frank’s boss from Bohemia calls.  Normally one would have to get up and check the caller ID, missing a few vital moments of a good show, before they could decide whether to answer the phone or not.  Now, both see that Bob the Boss is calling and probably begging for Frank to come in and get some extra work done so he can leave early visit his girlfriend in Geddes!  Frank can see the caller ID and just send the boss directly where he belongs, to voicemail!  Alternatively, what if it is Susan from Seaford wondering if she can come over for that promised world-famous back rub…well, maybe it’s time to engage the DVR and send Harry on his way!  Either way, you can do it all from the sofa with nothing more than the remote.