FiOS for Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is the city of Brotherly Love, but it is also the city synonymous with the desire for freedom.  No modern embodiment of this better demonstrates what the Founding Fathers were after more than FiOS by Verizon.  FiOS is a broadband plus digital cable plus digital telephone service that breaks through all the bureaucracy and red tape of the competition and offers fiber optic fueled freedom to the masses!  From Camdem and Wilmington on down to Ardmore and Bromall, Verizon knows what entertainment freedom is all about and it is riding through the night yelling “Fiber is Here!”

What does fiber have to offer Aaron from Allentown or Alice from Allison Park?  A great deal actually, and a bargain too!  The key advantages of fiber are that fiber optics are very fast and use very little electricity.  No wonder the major DSL and cable companies use fiber for their own part of the network, but they don’t dare share with consumers or their network would be overloaded!  Verizon built a ground-up solution to this and designed FiOS to be equal for one, and equal for all!  This means Bryan from Brookline and Charlie from Cheyney can bother enjoy incredible bandwidth and all that comes with it.

So, what exactly comes with incredible bandwidth?  Before answering that, consider what all of that bandwidth can do for you.  An entire house full of people can each be enjoying whatever it is that they like to do without raining on the parade of the others, because it is always sunny in a fiber optic version of Philadelphia!  Darrel from Downington can be streaming HD video at Erica from East Liberty’s house while she downloads album after album.  Bethel Park Betty in the back room can be blasting her way through a zombie apocalypse wither her brother David playing the same game from Doylestown with such smoothness that they would all seem like they were in the same room yet using completely different broadband connections.  Fiber is just that fast.

But fiber is more than just speed, even though it has a lot of speed to go around.  Fiber is about fusing services and challenging accepted paradigms.  When was the last time your TV let you manage an inbound call from your remote?  That boss from Bala can go right to the answering machine but that Hotty from Hampden is worth DVRing the latest thriller over!  All of this can be done right from your television and remote using the power of FiOS, but that is just the beginning.

Roger from Richboro can remotely manage his recordings from anywhere in the world, even when he’s visiting relatives in Rome!  San from South Hills can schedules shows that everyone is talking about at the water cooler before he gets a snack on his break , and he can even do it from his smartphone!  Protective papa peter from Penllyn can even peep at caller ID records from the TV or from the Internet to ensure that his precious little teenager is behaving herself and not wasting too much time on the telephone with boys when she should be studying.  All of this and more are just the tip of the FiOS iceberg.