Verizon FiOS Plano

Most people may think of the Old West when they hear the word Texas, but the modern Texas is an entirely differently place these days.  In the place of old tech telegram wires we have high tech fiber optics that carry thousands of times the same signal load over the same cable footprint, and at only a tiny fraction of the cost.  The cities of Plano, Fort Worth, and Dallas are all leading places for residents to experience the power of fiber first hand thanks to Verizon’s FiOS service.

What does FiOS have to offer Karl from Kemah or Peter from Ponder?  Quite a bit actually…It all begins with the underlying fiber optic connection that carries so much data that other carriers use similar connections to service entire neighborhoods.  Just imagine what you could do with the bandwidth and digital cable volume allotted for an entire neighborhood!   Luckily, if you’re in Roanoke or Plan, down to Corinth and Aubrey, you don’t need to imagine…FiOS has already fused these individual class-leading services.

Verizon’s fiber optic venture provides dozens of times the bandwidth to households that antiquated metal wires do.  This creates a class leading broadband connection from Carrollton to Coppell and back down to Denton and Dickinson.  Where the competitions offers a dozen or two Mbps, FiOS rates in the triple digits and climbs year after year, just like the population of Plano.  With fiber optic speeds it is possible for an entire house full of people to all use the Internet with performance unlike ever before.  This means that a family reunion in Flower Mound Bob from Baytown can experience lightning quick streaming of the latest HD content, while Gil from Grand Prairie and Sam from Saint Paul can double down on the latest shooters, while Freeloading Freddy from Friendswood can torrent until he gets caught.

Broadband is not the only feature that FiOS brings to Texas City and South Lake.  HD digital cable is far and away better when you have more bandwidth to increase the overall number of channel streams, the quality of those streams, and add a ton of on demand content to boot.  The same is true when considering the digital telephone service that uses the pure broadband connection to deploy true Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.  Crystal clear call from Colleyville to The Colony, or all the way to Tasmania if you want, and it’s all part of the pure fiber optic connectivity provided by the FiOS network.

What makes FiOS better than the rest is not just in how it does each of the competitors at their own game, but in how they fuse the different types of technologies together.  For example, Wesley from Webster can be watching TV with Irwin from Irving and then the phone rings.  The data stream from the phone and the HD cable use the same connection, so the TV set displays the caller ID information in a very convenient way.  The set top box even allows the remote to kick in the DVR so you can answer or send the caller to voicemail, all at the same time that Nancy is scheduling DVR programming for when she gets back from Norway.