Verizon FiOS Sarasota

Florida is a host of unique locations that are home to some of the most unique people that demand equally unique products and services.  From North Port and Venice on down to Bradenton and Sarasota, there is no more unique confluence of media technologies than what Verizon has on tap via its fiber optic FiOS service.  The secret to Verizon’s FiOS is that it is as environmentally friendly as Florida is in general, using light instead of electricity to reduce its carbon footprint but also to send signals further, faster, and with crystal clear clarity.  After all, there’s a reason that both telecoms and digital cable providers use fiber optics in their own networks.

The first thing that makes FiOS amazing on its own merits that its digital cable feeds off of an incredibly broad fiber optic connection.  This means several simultaneous full HD streams, unlike what some of the competition has to order.  So how does Sarah from Sarasota use the extra entertainment flexibility?  She can use it to view a stunningly large on demand library that does not in any way impede the other HD viewing pleasures of her roommates.  Simply put, a stunningly large fiber optic pipe means that everyone gets all of what they want whenever they want it.

Brandy from Bradenton likes to call her friends and family abroad, and fiber optics running up from Florida through the rest of the world telecom system provide crystal clear calls.  No digital translation, no signal loss, no poor quality, just crystal clear calls from Brazil to Beijing.

High speed broadband performance is also a key feature of the FiOS package, and it allows residents of Florida to browse and use the web in entirely new ways.  Just as everyone can use the HD features at once, so can everyone browse, game, stream, download, and even video conference…even while everyone else is using HD media from the TV-side of FiOS!  The bandwidth is just that impressive, with literally hundreds of Mbps in download streams available even while part of the fiber services only digital cable and another segment only Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) digital telephone services.  Downloading the latest content while patching, and doing just about everything else is just where the fun gets started with FiOS.  And Florida is all about Fun, especially North Port and Venice.

While each service ranks at the very tip-top in its respective field, the fiber optic fueled network feeds Florida with a Fusion of additional functionality formed by fusing these services.  For example, you can manage an entire DVR remotely via the power of the Internet, or view your caller ID live while watching the latest HD programming and even be given options that you can use with the remote control; does this caller go to the voicemail box or does the instant-on DVR technology need to kick in so that you do not miss a second of your favorite programming?   There’s a reason while everyone from Mango to Ruskin and down to Seffner and Sidell picks FiOS; Verizon has the future by the tail.