Virginia gets FiOS

Virginia is a very interesting place with a convergence of cultures, times, and ideas.  It is also a place that embraces new technologies like no other, and thus it is no surprise that the Richmond area is home to one of the most amazing networks the country has ever seen.  Using fiber optics to deliver unprecedented bandwidth allows for an incredible number of technologies to not only excel at what they were designed to do, but also to fuse in entirely new ways and shatter paradigms in the process.

From the aptly named Alexandria to the intellectual city of Fairfax, the truth is that fiber optic-fueled FiOS technology is quickly changing the Old South in a major way.  Cutting edge broadband an order of magnitude faster than what the competition has on tap is just the start.  Such technology allows Glen from Gainesville to breeze through the latest in online games while his sister Sarah video chats with her beaux from Bon Air, all while their friend Dusting from Dulles downloads movies in the same room that Sarah is secretly streaming movies for her and her beaux to watch together.

Of course, broadband this fast is worth writing Owen in Oak Hill about, but that is just the tip of the fiber optic FiOS iceberg.  Next up is the HD TV that Harry from Herndon just cannot get enough of.  The fiber optic connection allows Verizon to deliver a nearly endless stream of on demand content, countless HD channels, and even newer technologies like 3D and perhaps soon even 4K HD and beyond.  By leveraging the massive untapped bandwidth in fiber optic channeling, Verizon FiOS can bring more channels to the masses and liberate them from boredom!

Virginia is also a place that focuses on connections.  The connections forged by people are what drives the world, and technology essentially shrinks the world we live in.  Fiber optics have generations of experience providing the world with crystal clear telephone service, and the digital telephone technologies available from Verizon’s FiOS network allow Loudmouthed Larry to make fun of his friends from Louisiana during the big game each year, but they also allow him to call his relatives in Lithuania without losing any of the clarity that he would expect.

Verizon has managed to fuse these technologies through the magic of fiber optics and make each of them work together seamlessly.  For example, broadband fuels apps that run on the TV, and it seems as if the future will involve social media feeds related to content.  Soon you may be able to Tweet about shows that you are watching in real time, sharing your favorite parts with your friends and family, but this is just the start.  Already applications allow you to engage your media like never before, and there is already an amazing blurring of media and offerings from so many sources that FiOS is just one of many.  Consider the ability to remotely manage your DVR from anywhere in the world, now know that Verizon has this and has had it for quite a while.

Digital telephone service is also well-integrated in a thoughtful way.  Imagine being able to manage your caller ID response from your remote control.  Sending that boss from Bristow to the voicemail without having to have another ring interrupt the big show or the option to instantly start the DVR so you can talk to Donna from Dale City that you met the club last night are just the start of the fusion of entertainment and communication options that Verizon FiOS brings to the table.