Verizon FiOS Virginia Beach

Virginia has long since done things its own way, from the amazingly gorgeous Virginia Beach on down to Newport News and on back up again to Hampton and the Chesapeake.  Just like Virginia, Verizon does things its own way and both are an amazing fusion to behold.  Verizon starts with an underpinning of the most high tech network medium possible: fiber optics.  Unlike metal wires used in DSL and cable modems, a fiber optic connection directly to the door brings plenty of impressive features and performance to everyone from Dale City to Portsmouth.  Fiber optics provide the power of high performance networking that uses low cost, high speed light over expensive electricity that is slower and won’t last nearly as long.

The most obvious use of Verizon’s fiber optic FiOS network in Virginia is to provide the fastest broadband from King George to Middletown and back down to Oakton and Fairfax.  The 100% pure fiber optic connection allows for incredible networking speeds.  An entire house full of consumers (and probably their neighbors too) could be using the latest streaming media, gaming, e-mail, downloading, and more all at once, and nobody’s performance would be tangibly impacted by what was going on with the others due to the incredible performance of the fiber optics that run from Fort Myer to Fort Belvoir and throughout the rest of Verizon’s fiber optic FiOS network.

Digital media is also a major application for such high-end networks, and both rival DSL and digital cable providers employ plenty of fiber optic cabling and networking throughout their respective networks.  The consequence of moving the fiber all the way to the property line are many and tangible: expanded HD offerings in Haymarket, more on demand content in Dumfries, and the best DVR options this side of Dulles.  Simply put, nobody in any market in Virginia has anything that even comes close to what Verizon has to offer consumers looking for the latest digital entertainment and media.

Fiber optics are also the very backbone of the telecom industry, so it should come as no surprise that the digital telephone services using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems are incredibly clear.  It does not matter if Nancy from Norfolk is calling her tennis partner Terry in Toano or her girlfriend from college Giania from Grafton who is visiting her relatives in Germany at the moment, either way FiOS makes calls crystal clear.  Only a 100% fiber optic signal requires no translations to different systems that reduce quality each and every time.

Verizon separates itself from the competition by not only topping them in every single individual way, but by offering the residents of Newport News and Chesapeake, as well as Portsmouth, Hampton, Virginia Beach, and all the rest; Verizon’s use of fiber puts FiOS over the top by fusing these technologies in meaningful ways.  For example, the ability to use an Internet connection anywhere in the world and manage your DVR, or the ability to see and respond to caller ID prompts from the TV screen with your remote control, and an app-centric set top box that fuses relevant data and apps with what you’re watching.  FiOS is just the beginning of something new, and something that will change the world.

No matter how you slice it, Providence and the surrounding areas have some of the most amazing digital entertainment systems around.  The residents of Pawtucket and Warwick are already enjoying what the rest of the nation will someday get a chance to catch up to.