Verizon FiOS Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is the central hub for our government and a great many think tanks also reside there for good reason: D.C. is where the brains of the country reside, and it shows in the type of broadband service that is available in that region.  From the streets of historic Baltimore and the roads of military Annapolis on down to the winding ways of Arlington and Annadale, fiber optic broadband is the future and it has been here for a few years already!  That future has a name, and its name if FiOS.

Verizon launched FiOS as a fiber optic network to carry massive amounts of data to those that need in most, and the effects are nothing short of utterly transformative.  Transcending broadband that delivers signals over metal wires, fiber optics uses the power of light to communicate.  This power is so strong and well-respected that it is actually used already by even cable and DSL companies, but they hoard the power for their own internal networks and the major backbones of their consumer networks.  Never do these companies allow consumers that much more, but Verizon does.

Just how much performance are we talking about?  Anywhere from three to six times what the competition has to offer.  What can be done with all of that extra bandwidth?  A lot!  The extra bandwidth allows people to share and play together in ways that they have not previously been able to, and often allows entirely families to access and use the Internet in ways that would force other families to pick and choose who had access to the Internet.  FiOS is a uniter, not a divider!

The power of fiber goes well beyond just the ability to download a movie in the amount of time it takes some people to download a music video.  The power enables entirely new features to be practical, such as online backups and digital entertainment that is truly ready for the next century.  The fusion of modern entertainment is here now, and again its name is FiOS.  Using that extra bandwidth, FiOS delivers denizens of Washington D.C. unprecedented features that enable standard entertainment paradigms to blend seamlessly.

Take Aaron from Annapolis on leave to visit his aunt in Arlington.  Her boyfriend Ash from Annadale calls during the big game.  Do they risk missing a key play to check caller ID or do they risk missing an important call?  With FiOS there is no compromise as caller ID comes up on the screen and gives uses the option to instantly engage the DVR if the call needs answering or to silence the ringer if it is not of the utmost importance.

Add to this set top boxes that are app-driven and Internet enabled, and the future of smart television watching is just getting started.  How long will it be before the competition tries to steal some of these ideas?  Honestly we hope sooner rather than later, but until then fiber optic-fueled FiOS connections will continue to lead the way in VoIP services, digital HD cable, and world-class broadband to savvy consumers.