Verizon FiOS Tampa

Tampa is known as an incredible place to visit, as are regional neighbors St. Petersburg and Clearwater, but did you know that they are also great places to live?  One of the top things residents love: pure Internet connectivity provided by fiber optic solutions.  Verizon offers the area exclusive access to incredible digital media and entertainment services that are fueled by a 100% fiber optic network, unlike the competition that relies heavily on antiquated metal wires that are only faster modern versions of the old telegraph ideas.

What makes fiber so great?  Just ask the local DSL or cable company, because both of them are going to have miles of fiber all around Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater…the only catch is that they do not give consumers access to it.  That’s right from Ellenton to Holiday and Hudson, DSL and cable companies simply do not offer pure fiber solutions because their networks were not built from the ground up to handle that kind of performance.  Think of it this way, you wouldn’t pull a Ferrari engine out of the latest Italian supercar and stick it in an antique Model T would you?  Well guess what, fiber is the present and future of networking, but metal wires have been used to send and receive signals for over a hundred years!

If there is one thing that makes Apollo Beach and Brandon on down to Oneco and Palm Harbor worth seeing, it is the natural surroundings.  Fiber is just as green as the palm trees for which the entire region is so famous.  Using efficient light to send and receiving signals from St. Petersburg to Tampa all the way down to Clearwater and Oldsmar, light is far more efficient than electricity; light is easier to generate and can be read as multiple signals at multiple parts of the spectrum.  Electricity can have a similar stacking effect, but it is far more limited and even the most modest of signals costs the environment far more than a tiny fraction of energy that it takes to read light signals.  In short, Tarpon Springs would be a very different place if the entire Internet were running on electrical wiring.  Thankfully, the bulk of the Internet does in fact run on fiber optics!

What does Verizon’s fiber optic only FiOS service have to offer consumers in Florida?  How about a fusion of class-leading broadband, industry topping digital cable offerings, and a telephone service that speaks the native telecom technical language so clearly that calls around the world are as clear as a bell?  Yet, FiOS is more than just the sum of its parts, it is a fusion of them.

For example, Larry from Lakeland loves watching Biggest Loser in glorious HD, but his wife Laura used to have to go to her friend’s home in Lutz to watch LOST re-runs.  No more.  Now both can watch what they want in full HD at the same time while their son Rueben plays online games with his big brother Robert in Rubonia and their school-bound sister at the University of Tampa.  That big sister can even be remotely scheduling DVR for her weekend trip back home right from her dorm, while talking on the phone with both of her brothers…all this over a very thin little fiber optic cable